Experimental results show that if SACCARUBE (grinded carob pulp) is used as special additives for the production of special feed for anomal nutrition there are several improvement of the performances.


Weight gain and feed efficiency was improvved if saccarube (1,25 or 2,5%) were used instead of destrousium in piglets diet.
If streptococcus faecium were combined to Saccarube the growth was further on improved. This result suggests that Saccarube could be a good substrate for streptococcus faecium growth (Santi et al., 1987).


Saccarube is reccomended in diet for piglests to 100 days of age because the observed advantages.


Trials were performed to verify the effects of adding 1,5-3% Saccarube into the diet for pigs 30-35 Kg in body weight.
Experimental results show the following advantages:
a) weight gain improvement;
appetibility of the mash improvement, evenif antibiotics are present;
b) decreasing of enteric diseases the occur very frequently when the diet is changed (es. from weaning to the following period, or at the moving on floor).

Suckling Calf

The effect of carob pulp flour added to the powdered milk for calves (especially for the production of "white meat") were studied, the University performed few experiments but above all a company producing powdered milk experimented the addition of 2% carrubina in the diet fed to thousands of calves carrubina decreases enteric pathologies that mainly occur during starter abd finishing period, during the former because a lot of milk is fed to the calf, and the latter because great amount of powder is used per Kg of water. The advantages are:
• reduction of enteric pathologies and saving in veterinary costs;
• weight gain comparable to those of control group.

Our know how show benefits of using saccarube in diets for rabbits, poultry, horses, lambs, and many other animals of zootechnical interest;
The SACCARUBE is also a valuable food for animals such as dogs and cats.
Recent experimental results shows that SACCARUBE has positive effects in fish diet also.

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