The following important factors were first considered when the IMAR decided to studied the plant for the production of carob pulp flour to produce SACCARUBE:
• the equipment should produce SACCARUBE suitable for human diet;
• nutritive characteristics of SACCARUBE should be safeguarded, and for that reason the "the process of terminazzazione" has been suggested;
• the final product, SACCARUBE should have an uniform quality standard.
At the end, the equipment that does not impair the "plus" of SACCARUBE during the process was approved. A new processing method was introduced, the "process of termizzazione". It is based on the optimal ratio between temperatures and drying process time in order to improve the nutritive value of the product. The saccarube produced by termizzazione is considered the best product among carrubines.
The process provides for the separation of the pulp of carob from the beans. This separation is done every day on the amount of carob processed by the pulp is better preserved inside the pod.
In this way, degenerative processes are avoided, they could be caused by oxygen or sudden changes in temperature and humidity and damage the nutritive value of the final product. Serra, Escriche, Fito and Llunch show that the absolute sugar content, the kind of sugars into the pulp, and the alterations of sugars depend on the interval time lasting from the milling & termizzazione process to the utilisation considering all the changes as: humidity, temperature and fermentation.
The bean as a different processing method. The fresh separated pulp is assigned to the I.MA.R. plant to be processed into SACCARUBE: the process of the pulp of carob to obtaim SACCARUBE.

The drying process

The drying process is called "terminizzazione". During the "terminizzazione process" the pulp of carob stops inside the equipment for a fixed period and the temperature is kept to a low period and constant level to archive the following results:
•the pulp should be dried slowly to avoid the carbonization of the surface;
•avoid to caramelize the sugars (high temperatures);
•safeguard of the molecular structure of the starch and of the sugars;
•avoid changes or destruction of tannins;
•avoid a too high pressure at the beginning of the process because some areas could pack and the drying process damaged.
At the end of the "TERMIZZAZIONE process", a fast cooling is performed to crystallize the SACCARUBE and to preserve the nutrional characteristics.

Pulverisation process

SACCARUBE is pulverised into a sprayer where the dried pulp is broken into particles of identical size. Sifts of different diameter are progressively used to assure the right size of the end product. The sifting is automatically controlled, and if the particles have a wrong size they are returned to the sprayer.
The constant diameter of the particles of SACCARUBE enables the following advantages:
•constant quality;
•improvement of the digestibility of the components of SACCARUBE;
•improvement of the mixing during mash process.

Quality control and Packaging

The plan equipment follows the UNI rules. The equipment is all of steel to provide the best quality of SACCARUBE, as requested by the rules about the use of SACCARUBE in human nutrition.

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