The aim of the SACCARUBE performing chemical, physical, bacteriological, and mycological analysis. Official EEC analytical procedures were used and the laboratory involved follows EEC legislation. The "laboratoire de biochimie et nutriotion de al Firme Service UFAC" in Vigny, France, performed all the analysis.


The process of "e;termizzazione"e; and pulverization procedures performed by the I.MA.R. have an influence on the specific characteristics of SACCARUBE, and the final product is different from other products from carob pulp and/or other bran flours.
The advantages of the I.MA.R. technology are summarized as follows:
• hygiene and absence of pathogenic germs and moulds
• sability
• humidity
• total sugars %
• saccharose %
• tannins %
• Ash and calcium %

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